those lyrics just kekekeke,.. my boys XD, then I hope for full sexiness performance XD

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

My friends tell me that there are probably tons of guys chasing after her
But again, I just laugh, for real
So what? I don’t care, I tell my friends
She is secretly staring at me and that’s all I need

Now, today is as expected, a hot night
It’s too hot, be gentle – nuna’s hearts are hard to figure out
My pretty girls, your prince who will burn your hearts has arrived here
Hey you, hot pants girl, are you free today?
You put a lot of time in your pretty makeup, huh?
Don’t misunderstand, oppa is not a bad person
Tell me if you’re tired, here is oppa’s arm for your pillow

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Morning World!! ^^

Sebenarnya ada banyak hal yang mau aku tulis, tapi aku tidak tahu dan tidak yakin akan apa yang akan aku tulis. Begini saja, aku akan bercerita dengan random saja kalau begitu.

Hmm, aku cuma mau bilag, pagi ini aku bersyukur telah dilahirkan di dunia ini oleh Allah. Kapanpun aku lihat langit dan mentari pagi, sangat sejuk, hangat, dan indah. Ketika daun-daun bergoyang, aku merasa seperti semua alam sedang bertasbih kepada Sang Pencipta. Dengan khusyuk, karena vibrasi yang aku rasakan sangat teduh. Rasanya sangat ingin ikut serta dengan mereka, angin, dedaunan, dan semuanya, ikut hanyut dan menyatu dalam suasana itu. Allah Maha Besar telah menciptakan alam yang sangat indah ini bagi kita. Sebagai manusia, kita pasti punya dosa dan kesalahan, namun kalau saja kita mengakui kesalahan kita, minta ampun kepada Allah dan cepat-cepat memperbaikinya, itu akan lebih baik.

Waktu terus berputar dengan cepat tanpa kita sadari. Kita akan diminta pertanggungjawaban terhadap setiap detik yang kita gunakan, karena itu alangkah baiknya kalau kita selalu menggunakan waktu yang ada dengan baik. Mungkin juga hari ini kita marah karena sebelumnya telah menyia-nyiakan waktu yang lalu, namun, kalau kita selalu larut dalam kemarahan dan penyesalan, kita tak akan berubah menjadi lebih baik.

Karena itu, mari kita awali hari dengan bismillah, semoga Allah selalu meridhoi hari-hari kita. Semoga sepanjang hari ini penuh dengan berkah. Semoga Allah selalu menunjukkan kita jalan-Nya yang lurus dan membantu kita dalam setiap kegiatan yang akan kita lakukan.

Selamat Pagi!!!!!!

I found it in ABM, find it funny.


SOURCE: Mir’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: Holly @AbsoluteMBLAQ & bcrystal89 @Twitter


Are you all doing well~!?

Even though you said let’s go watch a movie together.. I know you will stay up all night..

Adorable Mir is adorable!

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My First Post

Hello,… My name is Tiffany. Of course this is not my real name, it’s fake, but Iam so happy to be called fany, I don’t know exactly why. Yeah, Tiffany is my favourite singer in SNSD, but, I just love her name, so I use it everywhere. XD. Fanny unnie, is it ok, isn’t it? *smile

Iam a college student of final year of one of prestigious major of an prestigious university in Indonesia and I am very proud. But, it is still not very comfortable to use my own name and university, because, this blog will contain of everything random about my thinking and my hobby. Maybe right now I can post something about my beloved group, MBLAQ or SNSD, but later sometimes I maybe post about my thinking about world, my college, my lesson, and everything like that, I just want to randomly post everything that I love to share with people. So, there will be any disappointment about “hyaa,.. she is a college student of blablabla in that major bla bla ba, why her post is nothing academic?” OK, maybe I am just delusional.. Well, Shortly, I decided to not included my name or my college name, because it’s risky ( you know, people’s perception towards others is so scary, and you know something that when you have to find job laters, they will google about you?? ) Well, yeah, Iam just being comfortable with myself,.. XD

The reason why I make this blog is just to share my thoughts and opinion. I love to write, you know, I have diary too, but, sometimes, you wanna share your thoughts with people, or just seeing your blog in internet just make you comfortable or excited in someway. XD. I just hope my skill in writing can improve. XD.

Hmm,… iam 90-lines, and just like another teen (OK, Iam not teen anymore, or maybe young lady?), I love what people call Kpop right now. Even though I am in my final year of my study, I am still normal young lady who loves trends, music, and lifestyle. Shortly, My favourite groups are MBLAQ and SNSD, that’s why I named this blog this way. “So why you just insert Tiffany, not SNSD?” It’s not like I just love Tiffany, it’s not like that. I just love her name, and insert SNSD wil make this blog’s name too crowded and complicated. I also didn’t insert Mir’s name (my bias in MBLAQ), so I think it’s pretty fair,.. (o_O). Oh, I adore Mir so much. >,<

Well, enough for today. I am just in my learning phase of blogging, so I will take time to travel around this site. I also don’t know why I write in English, I just being random. I come from Indonesia, so there’s many possibility I’ll write in Indonesia. It’s not like I’ll write in English forever, as I told you, Iam just being random. XD.



Oh, it is really not good to leave without post a pic of my lovable groups. I am still in phase of learning, but just check if I made it right this time.

Aigoo,.. Actually, I am not in my own computer (my university’s,  TT_TT), so I don’t know why I can’t use “right-click” in this PC (my lovely computer is in under recovery right now*sobs), so I just posted image that’s existed in my flashdisk. Hmm,.. at least I learn how to post images. XD

TA DA!! Handsome, right? Kyaa,.. I can spend all day just to stare of Mir’s image. >,<

I have to go right now, a class you know, it is about a game simulation (cool, right? XD). If I have a good thinking later, I’ll tell you a bit about what I know about game simulation.

I have to go right now, or I’ll be late. Bbyong!!!! ^^




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