Some Question and Answer

1. What will you do if you are in random situation with so many tasks to do, even don’t know when and how to start?
I just do it. Find my position and start doing. Quit worrying, just do it like there’s no tommorrow.

2. what if you somehow losing your desire?
Just follow your heart. Do what you want to do. Dont do what you dont want to do. You are human, not machine. People may ask you to do this or that, but you yourself choose, if you want to do it or not. But yes; everything has consequences. Every action has risks.

3. What if miserable pessimistic feeling following you around and preventing you to act?
Just think of it as obstacle. Face it gently and solve it. Human has amazing power God gives them as a gift. So, there’s no way you cant handle it.

4. Then what if things dont turn out as the way we hope? You wonder why; I wonder either, I don’t know either, but dont give up. Everything happen for reasons. Trust your God, believe in your self. Stay positive.


cr: tiffanymireu


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