those lyrics just kekekeke,.. my boys XD, then I hope for full sexiness performance ๐Ÿ˜„

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

My friends tell me that there are probably tons of guys chasing after her
But again, I just laugh, for real
So what? I donโ€™t care, I tell my friends
She is secretly staring at me and thatโ€™s all I need

Now, today is as expected, a hot night
Itโ€™s too hot, be gentle โ€“ nunaโ€™s hearts are hard to figure out
My pretty girls, your prince who will burn your hearts has arrived here
Hey you, hot pants girl, are you free today?
You put a lot of time in your pretty makeup, huh?
Donโ€™t misunderstand, oppa is not a bad person
Tell me if youโ€™re tired, here is oppaโ€™s arm for your pillow

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